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Subject: Re: Lightroom Classic CC problem
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Subject: Re: Lightroom Classic CC problem
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In article <p5i8g5$46n$>, Mayayana<mayayana@invalid.nospam> wrote:

> | if you are on line at all, google will have their fingers in what
> | you're doing in ways you never even thought of, making it *very*
> | difficult to avoid all of it.
>    Famous last words of the ostrich, before it
> gets kicked in the ass while burying its head.
> Ostriches always have a good rationalization
> as to why lifting a finger is not only tiring but
> actually useless.

that would be you. 

>   I won't try to explain how to avoid Google.

only because you don't want to embarrass yourself.

>   It
> does take a bit of effort. People who care to
> can figure it out. 

no they can't, nor can they even if they do.

it's impossible to completely prevent google tracking without going
fully offline, and even then, google can (and does) gather information
on you in *other* ways. 

for example:
  Announcing the service, Google said that it captures around 70% of
  credit and debit card transactions in the US.

you would need to pay cash for *everything* to avoid that, or hope that
you're always in the 30% that isn't captured. 

google's entire business model is tracking and they have ways of doing
it in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

if you don't know how they're doing it, you can't even start to block