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In article<>, PeterN
<"peter,newdelete"> wrote:

> >>>> OTA would not work for me. Indoor reception is terrible, and use of an
> >>>> outdoor antenna is not permitted.
> >>>
> >>> yes it is.
> >>>
> >>> <
> >>> and-satellite-dishes>
> >>>     Under the OTARD rules, an owner or a tenant has the right to install
> >>>     an antenna on property that he owns or over which he has exclusive
> >>>     use or control. This includes single family homes, condominiums,
> >>>     cooperatives, townhomes and manufactured homes.
> >>>
> >> What is written is one thing. Practicality is something else. I am not
> >> about to spend time in litigation, creating a brouhaha with my
> >> neighbors, to save a few bucks. There is much more to life. e.g. It cost
> >> us about $50,000 in damages, plus legal fees, because our board would
> >> not permit a companion dog, which is expressly permitted under the ADA.
> >> The US attorney handled the litigation for the woman.
> > 
> > put an antenna *inside* your apartment, in window. done.
> > 
> I did say that would give bad reception.

all you said is that 'indoor reception is terrible'. 

as with everything else you've said, that's vague.

you didn't say how terrible or what type of antenna it was. you also
didn't say whether you put it in a window or more likely put it next to
the tv, which could make a significant difference depending on what
types of material in the walls of your house/condo.

a high gain antenna could work well, possibly even a directional
antenna if all of the stations you want are broadcasting from the same
direction (likely from nyc).

or as has been said before, just get a roku or apple tv and get
whatever channels you want off the 'net. there's a huge selection, from
big names to local channels to niche private channels, even 'those'
channels which you don't want anyone else to know about.