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PeterN <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
> On 2/9/2018 10:45 AM, Savageduck wrote:
>> newshound<> wrote:
>>> On 09/02/2018 12:34, android wrote:
>>>> The new X-H1 has an oled display instead of an exposure compensation dial.
>>>> <>
>>> I think I would rather have a compensation dial than an ISO one.
>> That is only the X-H1, which is intended primarily as a video machine, not
>> a still photographer’s camera. The X-H1 is not a new X-T2.
>> The X-T3, like the X-Pro2, X-T2, and X-E3 will retain the exposure comp
>> dial. The X-Pro, and X-T families will continue to have an ISO , shutter
>> speed, and comp dials.
>> The X-T3 will likely have a BIS sensor which should bring improvements to
>> performance.
> Thought you were leaving. Have a great trip. If you're going to 
> Capetown, bring your own water.

I left Tuesday at 06:20 for SFO, then SFO to AMS, and now I am in Cape

AMS Schiphol on Wednesday evening by iPhone.