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From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
Subject: Panasonic GX9 - FAIL (a cheapened GX8)
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Subject: Panasonic GX9 - FAIL (a cheapened GX8)
From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
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I had the GX8.  It's stabilization for non-stabilized Panasonic lenses was poor, way below that of
my Olympus.  But the EVF was superb like looking out a window.  So they "updated" it with the GX9. 
What did they do?  Dropped the price $200.  Cut out weather resistance.  The EVF isn't as good.  The
stabilization was upgraded to 5-axis.  But what a let-down.  They've essentially dropped the camera
into the lower class tier.  This was the only non-DSLR-styled body that was in a high tier as the
Gx8.  There were changes to video, but I'm not concerned about that.