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From: Diesel <me@privacy.net>
Subject: (OT) P: David B. Honest questions and observations
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From: Diesel <me@privacy.net>
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Subject: (OT) P: David B. Honest questions and observations
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 07:52:01 -0000 (UTC)
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Thu, 08 Feb 2018 04:31:00 GMT in alt.computer.workshop, wrote: 

> You don't want to miss this one. This is the same guy David Brooks
> was trying to become buddy buddy with last year; The same ex cop
> David tried (and failed) to recruit to help him track me down to
> 'hang me out to dry'
> Message-ID:
> http://al.howardknight.net/msgid.cgi?ID=151806405600 
> David made one of his infamous implied threats of doxing, And the 
> target realized it along with atleast one other poster! It didn't
> take David that long, considering, to show atleast three regulars
> to the rec.photo.digital newsgroup that he's a nutjob stalker! He
> continues to show them that what several of us wrote about him
> there is true. 
> David, take a bow. Like Britney Spears, 'You did it again!'

David, you've done a great job of showing more people what you're 
really like. Despite it taking some of them awhile, they are catching 
onto you. He noticed your doxing threat too, David. The information 
in my signature might prove to be very useful to various people 
reading these newsgroups who've had the misfortune of giving you any 
personal information. It's only a matter of time before you abuse it, 
if you cannot force the other individual to do as you feel they 
should; for your and your alone, benefit. 

You can remind us all again how you're such a good guy who 
'investigates' bad guys. Please, describe in detail how you go about 
it. I'm certainly interested and who knows, one or two other people 
might be as well. After all, it's not everyday you encounter a guy 
who tries to hire you to break into websites for him, and, when you 
politely decline find yourself becoming another of your stalking 

Starting off with a gentle thread subject ;is this your house? with a 
gsv inside the posting body. For extra effect, being the super good 
guy you are, you post it into several different usenet newsgroups for 
a wider audience, intentionally trying to blackmail the person into 
doing what you wanted them to do for you in the first place. Where I 
live, breaking into websites and copying user databases is considered 
to be a bad thing. Even worse had I done as you wanted and actually 
handed over the information. You never did tell me what you wanted it 
so badly for, but, I'm sure it wasn't a good reason. If I've 
protected others from your stalking and blackmail efforts by refusing 
to acquire what you asked for, I feel as though I've done a good 

I simply don't see how committing atleast! two felonies is a good 
thing to be doing. And I really can't comprehend how a 'good guy' 
such as you claim to be, expects/demands such an activity from an 
individual in the first place. None of what you demanded or did as a 
result of being told no (several times) speaks of being a good guy to 
me, David. Your recent threads and temporary? signature aren't all 
that great, either. Did you remove it willingly or did your usenet 
provider agree that suggesting for others to file false police 
reports probably isn't a good thing? Or, did they ask you to remove 
it because you were admitting to various illegal activities?

Copyright infringement is serious business these days; if you go by 
what torrentfreak often reports. Yet, there you are, admitting it 
right in your so called 'complaint' Just how does that work exactly, 

My signature serves as valid warning concerning you. Not some lame 
effort to 'dox' you. For the aforementioned reason, It will remain 
until you stop stalking people. If you want it removed, stop posting 
personal information on other people and/or their digital property. 
Stop asking others to do so on your behalf. Remove my copyrighted 
material from your dropbox account. When you comply with the 
aforementioned requests, the signature will be changed. Until then, 
the warning is valid and will remain.

You aren't a harmless troll as some have mistakenly believed you to 
be. They don't realize, you've claimed credit for causing a real life 
house raid in the early morning hours scaring the crap out of little 
kids and the adults present at the time once already. You won't get 
the chance to do that to another person so long as I can prevent it 
by warning them about you beforehand.

Don't become the next David Brooks cyberstalking victim! Visit here:
https://tekrider.net/pages/david-brooks-stalker.php  10/10 WOT.
If you've been a victim as well, you can provide the following 
information to your lawyer, local law enforcement, etc
David Brooks (BoaterDave)
Jersey Cottage 86 Granary Lane
Budleigh Salterton Devon EX9 6ER United Kingdom 
Phone: 44-1395-443340 (H) 07974-193550 (M) 
email(s): davidandtrishab@btinternet.com, boaterdavetj@aol.com