From: Alan Browne <>
Subject: Re: Enerloop batteries overpriced?
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Subject: Re: Enerloop batteries overpriced?
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On 2018-02-17 03:39, RichA wrote:

mAh are not the whole story.

Peak discharge rate while holding voltage?  (Important for strobes). 
And if you use strobes will it go as many cycles (?)  (Internal 
resistance is a factor here).

Voltage profile over time.  Is it a nice "rectangular" form (endure then 
die) or is it a endure for a bit and the decline steadily - rendering 
strobe flash slow and out of action when most needed...

Worth a test.  OTOH I have 8 Eneloops and 4 Westinghouse rechargeables 
.... so pass...

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