From: Alan Browne <>
Subject: Re: Enerloop batteries overpriced?
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Subject: Re: Enerloop batteries overpriced?
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On 2018-02-18 13:45, Alfred Molon wrote:
> In article<>, Alan Browne
> says...
>> What can happen is build up of dust causes over heating, so the CPU
>> automatically slows its clock and runs slower.  Some articles also cite
>> thermal paste degradation over time.  Both can be rectified easily.
>> Oscillators also "drift" over time.  You would notice this as much as
>> observers would note the effects of Special Relativity of cars driving
>> on the Autobahn at higher speeds.
> I'm not an expert. What I understood from that discussion is that the
> constant heat over time impacts the silicon of the processor. There are
> pretty tiny structures in the nanometer range which degrade over time,
> thereby impacting the functionality of the processor.

Probably true and yet completely un-noticed as the effect is probably 
only measurable by people who look at such things closely.  IOW, not 
worth consideration in the real world.  Possibly worth consideration if 
one is building a 64,000 processor super computer.

> This is from an Intel guy who analyses processor defects, so should be
> knowledgeable.

And yet we've built computers for the military that test in spec after 
20 years of use - in very adverse environments.

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