From: Mayayana <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
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From: "Mayayana" <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 09:41:48 -0500
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"nospam"<nospam@nospam.invalid> wrote

| >   On the other hand, PDF seems a suitable
| > format for Macs: Expensive, locked, and
| > being the best tool for a very narrow range
| > of mostly commercial uses.
| all false. pdf is an iso standard and apple is not paying licensing
| fees

  Who said anything about licensing fees? I
don't mean expensive as in paying royalties.
I mean expensive in that one needs software
to make them and the best software is very
expensive. By contrast, one can write HTML
or DOCs or TXT for free.

(I'm not even getting into the strangeness
of you thinking PDF is an image format.)

 PDF has one specific strength: Accurate printing.
It's for things that need to be printed, like
legal or business docs.

  It's overused for another reason: Because it's
relatively immutable compared to things like
DOCs or TXT or HTML. Thus it's preferred for
commercial documents where the author wants
to prevent change to the content.

   In other words, it's mainly a format for use in
business and official docs, to be shared with