From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
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From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:18:47 -0800
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> <Shift+C> is just a shortcut to the Edit->CreateCustomCropSelection menu.

Yes. I know. When I write tutorials, I generally write them with the full
menus, in the syntax shown below so that others can easily reproduce steps:
 Program name: Menu > sub menu > subsub menu > selection > sub selection 

> And just below that menu sits a special menu for maximized ratio-crops
> followed by other specialized crop menu entries.

Yes. We all love Irfanview which is nice for aspect-ratio crops for a whole
bunch of good reasons, not the least of which it is the fastest photo
viewer out there, which counts for a lot, and Irfanview has, by far the
easiest fastest and most intuitive manual cropper of all.
 Click ... click ... crop  (e.g., control+y) ... save (e.g., control+s)

> The shortcut keys and mouse moves I listed are just a small subset of the
> available hotkeys. <Alt> was wrong, btw. It should have been <Ctrl> which
> has to be pressed for ratio-resizing mouse moves. <Ctrl> can also be used
> for ratio-resizing with cursor keys. The <Alt> key should do invers-ratio
> resizing. It just doesn't work this way, at the moment. (Bug)

I just tested it using Irfanview 4.50 64-bit on Windows 10, where /both/
the control and alt keyboard keys do the same action, which is to allow one
to adjust the selection area keeping the aspect ratio locked at the
selected value (e.g., 4:3).

How to force a fixed aspect ratio in Irfanview crop commands:
# Open the image in Irfanview
# Left click drag & then lift up at your approximate desired crop area 
# Irfanview: Edit > Create custom crop selection (aka <shift+c>)
# In the "Create custom selection" form, choose your desired aspect ratio
# In the "Create custom selection" form, press "Save and draw on image"
# To adjust just the location, right click on the selection box & drag 
# To adjust the area, hold either <alt> or <ctrl> & left-click drag an edge

> Maybe you check the Hotkey section of the IrfanView help file to find 
> the best method for your crop?

At this stage of the question, we have a pretty good answer, where the
hotkeys can only make the task simpler. 

Overall, Fastone has a /better/ locked-aspect-ratio crop than does
Irfanview (because there is no need for the keyboard drag of the area), but
Irfanview wins (for me) over Fastone because Irfanview is already my
default photo viewer.

For those who have Fastone set up as their default image viewer, the
cropping to a fixed aspect ratio is slightly easier (more intuitive) than
is Irfanview's crop to a fixed aspect ratio.
> And you /do/ know about the batch-crop and command line crop features of
> IrfanView, don't you?

Sure. Irfanview batch actions are the greatest (easier to use than
ImageMagick and just as powerful for the most basic of batch actions). 

I've been using Irfanview batch actions for, oh, I don't know how long - a
decade or more perhaps. 

Overall I think we have a great answer to the original question, which is:
Q: What Windows freeware locks in a given aspect ratio for cropping?
A: Fastone, Irfanview, Microsoft Photos, & The Gimp (in that order).

# Fastone (the aspect ratio crop is the most intuitive mouse adjustment)
# Irfanview (the aspect ratio crop is second only to that of Fastone's GUI)
# Microsoft Photos (the aspect ratio crop is - sadly - below the picture)
# The GIMP (the aspect ratio crop is, like all things Gimp, unintuitive)
# ?