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Subject: People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park
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Subject: People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 05:48:13 -0500
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LOL...yet they claim to be smarter than all others....

People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park

Apple's futuristic-looking new campus, known as the Apple Park, had 
employees slowly start to move in earlier this year following construction 
delays (the move was meant to start last April). Some 12,000 Apple staff 
will eventually call Apple Park home. However, it seems Apple has a bit of a 
health and safety issue on its hands, and employees are being injured.

The problem stems from Apple's extensive use of glass in constructing the 
buildings on the campus. The company was very happy to share during 
development that it was using the world's largest panels of curved glass. 
But glass is clear and therefore quite hard to see when you're walking 
about. It seems Apple didn't think about that and employees have been 
walking into glass walls unaware they are there.