From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
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From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 12:06:01 -0500
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On Tue, 20 Feb 2018 09:15:33 -0500, "Mayayana"<mayayana@invalid.nospam> wrote:

>  I wonder if the CPP and PSP issue might be
>due to CPP being a Corel original, while PSP
>was bought from Jasc. Also, they seem to be
>very different programs. I know an artist who
>makes his living doing architectural renderings
>while his art is typically stylized aerial photos
>or "industrial illustation". He uses exclusively
>Corel Draw. My impression is that it's as the
>name implies -- more for drawing than for image
>editing. Whereas PS and PSP are mainly for
>image editing.

I use CorelDraw occasionally, but never as a drawing program.  If I
want to do a composite of several .jpgs, CorelDraw is the easiest
program around to work with.  The images can be moved around,
re-sized, overlapped, etc much easier than the same thing can be done
in CC 2018, but I do all of the editing of the images in CC 2018
before importing them into CorelDraw.  The final composite is exported
as a .jpg.

I don't think there's anything I do in CorelDraw that can't be done in
CC 2018, but start-to-finish is quicker and easier in CorelDraw for
me.  I don't do enough of that sort of thing that leads me to add
Adobe Illustrator to my subscription.

Inkscape is a free comparable program to CorelDraw, but I tried it and
did not like it.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida