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Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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RichA<> wrote:
> On Tuesday, 20 February 2018 10:46:26 UTC-5, Savageduck  wrote:
>> Mayayana<mayayana@invalid.nospam> wrote:
>>> "Eric Stevens"<> wrote
>>> | N E V E R  H E A R D  O F  S P I K E  M I L L I G A N ?
>>> |
>>> Ah. British. No wonder. Sorry. We get British soap
>>> opera junk like Downton Abbey, and fake ethnic
>>> Irish bands singing Danny Boy, on our PBS in the US.
>>> I guess probably because it's cheap or free. Also
>>> because there's a weird Anglophile cult among
>>> American self-appointed highbrow types. Anything
>>> said in a British accent is thought to be well thought
>>> out. :)
>> ...and yet we in the USA frequently steal British programming, to produce
>> shows such as “House of Cards”, “All in the Family”, and “The Office”.
>> Then there are the very good BBC series such as “Hinterland”, and
>> “Shetland” which are available on Netflix and/or Amazon Prime. Add
>> Scandinavian series such as “The Killing”, “The Bridge”, and “Wallander”
>> which made it to the BBC in their original form, and made it to the US as
>> American productions. 
> All good shows and better watched in their British form as PBS and BBC
> America  CENSOR them.  American religious maniacs think Jesus tells them to.  

PBS is actually OK for much of the imported content they show.
Unfortunately BBC America does much more damage with commercial breaks
rather than any sort of censorship.

Hence Netflix, and/or Amazon Prime for most of that stuff is the way to go,
if you couldn’t be bothered to access the BBC, and iPlayer via a VPN.