From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
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From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: Windows freeware to lock in a 3: or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:37:46 -0800
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"M.L."<me@privacy.invalid> wrote:

>>Do you know of Windows freeware that has the option to easily lock in a 3:2
>>or 4:3 aspect ratio for cropping?
> Photoscape 3.7
> 1.) select Crop (tab)
> 2.) assign Ratio/Size->Ratio (checkbox)
> 3.) enter width / height (ratio)->OK
> 4.) select crop area
> 5.) select Crop (button)
> 6.) Save (button)
> Crop ratio will remain sticky.

Thanks for that suggestion of PhotoScape, which has a fantastically
intuitive crop locked to aspect ratio mechanism, akin to that of FastOne.

Here's my installation log, where I ran into minor bugs, one of which is
that I must have missed a stop to force the crop ratio to remain sticky
between sessions.

0.) Tried to locate the canonical installer but none seem to exist.
1.) Saved to C:\software\editor\pic\photoscape\PhotoScapeSetup_V3.7.exe
2.) Executed PhotoScapeSetup_V3.7.exe
3.) Pressed "Options" to [attempt to] change installation location from
    C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoScape\
4.) At that point, a minor bug revealed itself in that the installer
    is completely incapable of creating that folder on its own.
    The installer insists on C:\apps\editor\pic\PhotoScape
    (yes, this is literally what the installer insists upon but I 
     never use case on Windows for reasons that are long standing)
5.) So I manually created the folder C:\apps\editor\pic\photoscape\
6.) When I re-ran the installer, it accepted that predefined location
7.) Pressing "I agree", I turned off the "Install Chrome" bundleware option
8.) Pressing "Next" installs PhotoScape which phones home to
    using the default browser (which is set to Opera for this reason)
9.) I moved the desktop shortcut to my menus and started the tool
10.) I selected the top-bar "Editor" tab & opened a JPEG file
11.) I selected the bottom-bar "Crop" tab 
12.) I changed the default "Crop Freely" to "Assign Ratio/Size"
13.) I changed the default "[x]Size Setting" to "[x]Ratio Setting"
14.) Oddly, even though there are many preset sizes, 4:3 isn't one of them
15.) I changed the "Width:Height" ratio from 1:1 to 4:3 & pressed OK
16.) The crop is fantastically intuitive, click, click, crop!
17.) Moving the crop location is also fantastically intuitive!
18.) Adjusting the crop area is also fantastically intuitive!

What I love about the PhotoScape crop, once the setup is complete (and if
we can figure out how to make it sticky), is that the crop is as it should
be. Click, click, Crop. 

Moving or adjusting the size of the crop is also as intuitive as it should
be, with just the left mouse button and drag points involved.

Overall, the main problem is that the crop ratio wasn't sticky
between sessions. I see the crop ratio is supposed to remain sticky between
sessions but it didn't remain for me. 

Also, I never understand why an app such as PhotoScape doesn't show up in 
the Windows "open with" menu, but I pointed it to the file location for 
the exe (C:\apps\editor\pic\photoscape\PhotoScape.exe) and then it's only 
a few clicks to force Microsoft Windows to notice it after Microsoft 
picks apps that I never want to use first.

The installation bugs were minor.