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Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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From: "Mayayana" <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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"Whisky-dave"<> wrote

> I prefered Deep Space Nine but I heard
> americans (generalisong here) didn;t

  I didn't. But I guess by then I had grown up and
wasn't watching much TV. The problem for me
with DS9 was that the sci-fi was all but gone.
They'd pulled a George Lucas on Star Trek, turning
it into a silly, PC, kiddie show. (Though not quite
so bad as Star Wars, which is more like high school
cafeteria with a Milky Way theme, to the tune of
non-stop crescendo.)

   But worse was the acting of the Cisco character.
What was that supposed to be? Did he think he
was doing Shakespeare in a large theater that
required shouting and hyper-enunciating all lines?
I could imagine him proclaiming, "I do not like
mustard on hot dogs!" with all the force and drama
of giving an ultimatum to a planetary leader who's
just fired the first shot in a pending war.

  To be fair, though, the acting wasn't great in
any of the series. It was TV, after all. (But yes,
I find "7 of 9" positively captivating. :)