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Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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From: "Mayayana" <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 09:50:49 -0500
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"Savageduck" <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote

| I guess you never saw "Breaking Bad", or "The Wire".

  ?  I've never even heard of most of what you list.
You must watch a lot of TV. I haven't really been a TV
watcher since I was a teenager. Last night was typical.
We were trying to decide between the PBS documentary
about Shia vs Sunni or the movie I'd just picked up at
the library: Last Flag Flying.

  I'm curious about the PBS piece, but wasn't feeling
so ambitious. We watched the movie. It was wonderful.
(Award material, I though. Best actor for Bryan Cranston.
But of course it wasn't up for an Oscar or a Golden
Globe because it wasn't released between December
1 and January 15.)

   If it hadn't been PBS or a movie DVD I probably
wouldn't have watched anything.

  I don't even check the major networks and don't have
cable. The 5 PBS stations we get have something interesting
maybe twice per week. (Lately there's been an interesting
British series about household health hazards in Victorian
times.) Nova? Used to be good before they tried to increase
ratings by documenting the lifestyle of the researchers
rather than the research. ("Today Tom and Sarah need to
climb down into the cave. If they fail, all will be lost. Will
the weather cooperate? They start the day securing their
tent and preparing a light breakfast. Clouds on the horizon
look ominous...." Wait. I thought this was a documentary
about amazing bones found in a cave? Are we going to have
to instead hear about Tom and Sarah deciding to have sex
in their tent during a blizzard, and then going home?

  Neil deGrasse Tyson? What?! Why has science been replaced
by carnival barkers wielding special effects? I guess it's
probably due to the lack of funding. PBS have gradually turned
into a commercial network who don't quite admit that's
what they are. And since few people are *really* interested
in science, science has to be recast as either sci-fi special
effects or emotional drama.
   I though Alan Alda did a wonderful job of bridging that gap
without downgrading the science. Alas, he's apparently quit