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From: ultred ragnusen <ultred@ragnusen.com>
Subject: Do you see any advantage of Pinta freeware over Paint.NET screenshot-editing?
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From: ultred ragnusen <ultred@ragnusen.com>
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Subject: Do you see any advantage of Pinta freeware over Paint.NET screenshot-editing?
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Paint.NET is arguably the best free screenshot editor on Windows simply
because it does best what you do most when screenshot editing, where Pinta
is supposedly its replacement - but I just tested Pinta - and I found it
unusable - so I simply ask if you see any advantage of Pinta freeware over
Paint.NET screenshot-editing?

Example of Paint.NET: 

Example of Pinta:

For as long as I can remember, I've been using Paint.NET freeware, despite
the .NET requirement, for quick screenshot editing, simply because
Paint.NET does the key things you commonly perform on screenshots faster
and easier and more intuitively than any other of the free image editors.
 Paint.NET = https://www.getpaint.net/download.html
 Pinta = https://pinta-project.com/pintaproject/pinta/releases

Many years ago I tried an MIT Pinta beta, where Pinta was supposedly the
Microsoft-funded replacement for Paint.NET, but the version I tried didn't
even have curved arrows, so I summarily dropped the endeavor.

However, recently I re-installed Windows on a new HDD so I decided to try
the latest Microsoft-funded MIT Pinta 1.6, which is supposedly the released
version of the successor to Paint.NET 4.0.21.

After a quick test, I concluded Pinta is (still) worthless, when compared
to Paint.NET for screenshot editing because Pinta (still) doesn't do the
most important common elements in screenshot editing that Paint.NET does

Pinta is unable to drag text after you type it, which is just untenable in
a screenshot editor, whereas Paint.NET adds text intuitively, without need
for pre-defind bounding boxes and where you can intuitively change the
font, perhaps change the size and the indentation (which Pinta does also),
and then you can drag the just-typed text to its final location (which,
inexplicably, you can't do in Pinta).

Curved arrowing is a critical feature for screenshot editing, which
Paint.NET does better and easier than any other known screenshot editor on
this planet (IMHO), but Pinta's curved-arrow GUI, although similar, is both
more powerful and yet, far more cumbersome than was Paint.NET ... so that's
a wash.

Drawing and then subsequently modifying open shapes such as circles,
rectangles, elipses, etc., on the fly is a common screenshot-editing need,
where both Paint.NET and Pinta are more intuitive and fewer steps than most
screenshot editors, but Pinta, while having more powerful
editing-after-the-fact stretch handles, lost the ability to move the final
location of the drawn rectangle by not having a movable anchor, so that's a
loss for Pinta.

Pinta is unable to stretch selections, and, it puts copied selections in
completely arbitrary locations when pasting them, where with Paint.NET, you
select an area, control+c, control+v, and the selection is exactly where
you want it, and you get intuitive stretch handles to stretch the pasted
selection (which Pinta is completely unable to do) ... so that flaw alone
basically kills Pinta as a useful screenshot editor.

Given that Pinta doesn't (seem to) do the three most important things
needed for a screenshot editor, I simply ask others if they see any reason
for Pinta to be used at this stage of its development?

NOTE: If you know of any freeware screenshot editor that does ALL those key
requirements more intuitively than does Paint.NET, I'm all ears, as I hate
having to use .NET Framework just to get a decent screenshot editor.