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Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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Subject: Re: How political-correctness ruined the Pirelli calendar
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On Wednesday, 21 February 2018 17:21:07 UTC, PeterN  wrote:
> On 2/20/2018 10:38 PM, nospam wrote:
> > In article<>, PeterN
> > <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
> > 
> >> Last year there was a Star Trek exhibit on the Intrepid. It combined the
> >> original with the Next Generation. I was told that most of the actors
> >> were nice, regular guys. William Shattner was charging for his
> >> autograph. I leave the name for that, up to the readers.
> > 
> > most of them do that. they know the fans will pay, so why not.
> Not when they are being paid for the appearance. And the fans are making 
> a generous donation to a charity.
> BTW I used to represent entertainers. Most thought it beneath them to 
> charge for an autograph. They either declined, or gave one free. I don't 
> know the source for your statement, but I KNOW it's not true.

I went to ST convention and most of the stars you had to pay for their autographs and pay for the
part where they stand on stage and answer questions.
Depending on who they were the cost was set, some were free but most cost money, I only went to the
free ones.
But this wasn't a charity event.