Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windowswithout installing anything on either
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Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows
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On 2/22/2018 12:07 AM, ultred ragnusen wrote:
> I just accidentally ran into this very simple way to transfer photos from
> your phone to Windows (and back) without installing anything on either
> 1. I gave a few $130 LG Stylo 3 Plus phablets as gifts over Christmas and
> as a direct result I inherited a handful of new-to-me older Android phones,
> even though my main phone is a circa 2012 S3 which works just fine for me
> but which I mount on Windows to use in the native Windows file explorer
> using the Windows "Add a network location" wizard.
> 2. One of that handful of old phones is a circa 2014 Moto G, running
> Android 5.1, which I just plugged into Windows where I was surprised the
> phone immediately showed up as its own "XT104" USB drive.
> 3. Clicking on that drive shows the entire available file system mount
> 4. That allows two way drag and drop between Windows and the phone
> 5. Plugging it in again, I noticed an option pops up for something called
> "Photos", which, seems to search the Android phone for photos to upload.
> 6. That native "Photos" app then provides thumbnails to select which photos
> to upload to previously defined directories and file name conversions on
> Windows.
> 7. The result is that, without installing anything on either the phone or
> on Windows, it seems I can import anything I like using this Photos native
> app.
> Generally I don't use Windows native apps (because they generally suck),
> but this one doesn't seem to show any obvious drawbacks yet.
> So I simply present this as a working system, that just works without
> installing anything on either the phone or Windows, and ask if you know of
> a better method of bi-directional drag and drop between your phone &
> Windows?

Yep. That works, I am not sure about iPhones though. i had iTunes 
installed on my computers. So I don't know it that also works with