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Subject: Re: Switched from Windows to Linux on old netbook. What a difference
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Subject: Re: Switched from Windows to Linux on old netbook. What a difference
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:30:52 -0500
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In article <p6npv2$1jqm$>, Ken Hart<> wrote:

> >>>>>> Same here. I have several machines that are 10-15 years old, and
> >>>>>> severely under-powered. They bogged down terribly with WinXP, but now
> >>>>>> run great with Lubuntu (a light-weight version of Ubuntu).
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Why bother about 10-15 years old computers when you can buy a new one
> >>>>> for 200 Euro?
> >>>>>
> >>>>> If that is still too expensive, you could buy a Raspberry Pi and put
> >>>>> Linux on it.
> >>>>
> >>>> I haven't done the Euro to Dollar conversion, but I haven't paid three
> >>>> digits for any of my old computers.
> >>>
> >>> then whatever you have is junk.
> >>
> >> That's quite presumptuous, since you have no idea what brands/models
> >> computers I have.
> > 
> > it doesn't mater what brands/models they are.
> > 
> > anything that is 'bogged down terribly with winxp' is junk. your words.
> > winxp is hardly resource intensive.
> > 
> > the reality is that they're long obsolete and cannot run modern
> > software.
> Ubuntu (Lubuntu) 16.04 is fairly modern, and is what I am running now on 
> all my "long obsolete" hardware.

ubuntu may be modern, but the hardware is too old to run modern
software, which mostly doesn't exist for linux anyway. you can't run
photoshop or lightroom under linux, even if you bought a brand new

old hardware might be ok for something like a (very) low demand server,
but that's about it.

> At the time I switched to Linux- (I don't recall the date, but it was 
> around the time that XP was at announced end-of-life), most of my XP 
> computers had trouble opening Facebook. After switching to Linux (then 
> Lubuntu 14.04), my oldest and least powerful machines had no difficulty 
> with that metric.

that's not winxp bogging down, that's a web browser bogging down, which
most likely was not the same browser on each, rendering the comparison
entirely bogus.

> >> What if some of my hardware is Apple? Ergo, based on
> >> your statement, Apple is junk.
> > 
> > a 15 year old mac is also junk, except that it won't be 'bogged down
> > terribly' running mac os x from its era.
> Again, I'm running reasonably modern Linux on older ("junk") machines 
> with no difficulty.

running linux is meaningless. what matters is what apps you're using.

the main problem with linux is the sheer lack of quality software,
photoshop and lightroom being two key examples that do not exist on

> >>> quality costs money.
> >>
> >> That is a generalization that is not universally true. For example,
> >> there are companies that scrap their hardware the minute it is fully
> >> depreciated (5 years). I have been "playing" with some pretty serious
> >> Cisco networking gear that I acquired just by showing up at the loading
> >> dock at the right time.
> > 
> > 5 year old networking equipment isn't the issue.
> Five year old networking gear is only a recent example. I've acquired 
> computers through corporate salvaging for little, if any money over the 
> years. Five year old computer hardware has a lot of life (and quality) 
> left in it.

there's a reason why they dumped them. 

5 year old hardware is also not the 10-15 year old hardware that you
originally mentioned. goalpost movement disqualified.

old hardware has its place, but falls flat with mainstream tasks.

i have a 15 year old mac running a webcam 24/7 (with uptime over two
years, non-stop). it's a very low demand task that's well suited for a
machine that old. 

although possible, running an older version of photoshop on it would
not be pleasant, particularly since a compatible version can't open
photos from cameras made in the past decade or so. that's an instant
show stopper right there.

> >>>> Just because a widget is old is no reason to scrap it, especially if it
> >>>> still works well enough to use.
> >>>
> >>> then you must not be doing much.
> >>
> >> On that statement, I have to agree. I'm responding to your comments, so
> >> I'm not doing much.
> >>
> >> By the way, are you familiar with the Shift key? Or are you a big fan of
> >> poet e. e. cummings?
> > 
> > ad hominem.
> e. e. cummings did sometimes use upper-case letters. Perhaps you might 
> consider doing the same.

perhaps you might consider sticking to the topic and maybe even
learning something in the process.