From: Carlos E.R. <robin_listas@es.invalid>
Subject: Re: Switched from Windows to Linux on old netbook. What a difference
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From: "Carlos E.R." <robin_listas@es.invalid>
Subject: Re: Switched from Windows to Linux on old netbook. What a difference
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 05:49:07 +0100
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On 2018-02-23 03:30, nospam wrote:
> In article <p6npv2$1jqm$>, Ken Hart
><> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Same here. I have several machines that are 10-15 years old, and
>>>>>>>> severely under-powered. They bogged down terribly with WinXP, but now
>>>>>>>> run great with Lubuntu (a light-weight version of Ubuntu).
>>>>>>> Why bother about 10-15 years old computers when you can buy a new one
>>>>>>> for 200 Euro?
>>>>>>> If that is still too expensive, you could buy a Raspberry Pi and put
>>>>>>> Linux on it.
>>>>>> I haven't done the Euro to Dollar conversion, but I haven't paid three
>>>>>> digits for any of my old computers.
>>>>> then whatever you have is junk.
>>>> That's quite presumptuous, since you have no idea what brands/models
>>>> computers I have.
>>> it doesn't mater what brands/models they are.
>>> anything that is 'bogged down terribly with winxp' is junk. your words.
>>> winxp is hardly resource intensive.
>>> the reality is that they're long obsolete and cannot run modern
>>> software.
>> Ubuntu (Lubuntu) 16.04 is fairly modern, and is what I am running now on 
>> all my "long obsolete" hardware.
> ubuntu may be modern, but the hardware is too old to run modern
> software, which mostly doesn't exist for linux anyway. you can't run
> photoshop or lightroom under linux, even if you bought a brand new
> computer.

Of course you can, if you find it.

> old hardware might be ok for something like a (very) low demand server,
> but that's about it.
>> At the time I switched to Linux- (I don't recall the date, but it was 
>> around the time that XP was at announced end-of-life), most of my XP 
>> computers had trouble opening Facebook. After switching to Linux (then 
>> Lubuntu 14.04), my oldest and least powerful machines had no difficulty 
>> with that metric.
> that's not winxp bogging down, that's a web browser bogging down, which
> most likely was not the same browser on each, rendering the comparison
> entirely bogus.
>>>> What if some of my hardware is Apple? Ergo, based on
>>>> your statement, Apple is junk.
>>> a 15 year old mac is also junk, except that it won't be 'bogged down
>>> terribly' running mac os x from its era.
>> Again, I'm running reasonably modern Linux on older ("junk") machines 
>> with no difficulty.
> running linux is meaningless. what matters is what apps you're using.
> the main problem with linux is the sheer lack of quality software,
> photoshop and lightroom being two key examples that do not exist on
> linux.

Because nobody would buy them. Too bad quality software.

Cheers, Carlos.