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Subject: Re: Switched from Windows to Linux on old netbook. What a difference
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: Switched from Windows to Linux on old netbook. What a difference
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In article<33j4me-nm9.ln1@Telcontar.valinor>, Carlos E.R.<robin_listas@es.invalid> wrote:

> >> Ubuntu (Lubuntu) 16.04 is fairly modern, and is what I am running now on 
> >> all my "long obsolete" hardware.
> > 
> > ubuntu may be modern, but the hardware is too old to run modern
> > software, which mostly doesn't exist for linux anyway. you can't run
> > photoshop or lightroom under linux, even if you bought a brand new
> > computer.
> Of course you can, if you find it.

you can't find what doesn't exist, and with rare exception, what does
exist is nowhere near as good as what's on mac/windows.

> >> Again, I'm running reasonably modern Linux on older ("junk") machines 
> >> with no difficulty.
> > 
> > running linux is meaningless. what matters is what apps you're using.
> > 
> > the main problem with linux is the sheer lack of quality software,
> > photoshop and lightroom being two key examples that do not exist on
> > linux.
> Because nobody would buy them.

true, because linux users are cheapskates and think everything should
be free.

writing software for linux is *not* profitable so few companies bother,
which is why state of the art software is mac/windows and ios/android.

> Too bad quality software.

nonsense. photoshop and lightroom are the standard to which others are

the linux equivalents, the gimp and darktable, are garbage, especially
the gimp, which still cannot do things photoshop could do 20+ years ago
as well as being *substantially* slower than photoshop on the very same