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Subject: Re: People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park
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Subject: Re: People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park
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On Thursday, 22 February 2018 21:30:27 UTC, Electric Comet  wrote:
> On Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 05:48:13 burford/associate@uk.MI15 wrote:
> > People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park
> read that the post it notes that got put up to protect from being
> concussed were taken down
> who would have thought that cte brain damage would be an issue at aapl

I'd assume it'd be an issue anywhere.

> but it certainly could be used to explain some decisions there
It's only recently open what decisions are yuo talking about, the Newton product ?

> i would presume that the higher up you are the faster you walk and so
> the damage on glass impact is greater

I walk pretty fast so must be pretty high up here.
In fact only today I was on the same train as two academics one who's high up in IT I passed both of
them along walking faster than they were walking.
But then again I donb;t believe walking speed is a good indication of much.
 But the faster you walk into a galss pane might have some effect, but that also depends on mass
which means fatter and larger peole will do more damage at any given speed.

> the higher ups always walk faster to give the illusion that they are
> so busy

That only works on the least inteligent, the rest of us dont; equate such things.