From: Fred McKenzie <>
Subject: Re: Toner Vs Ink?
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From: Fred McKenzie <>
Subject: Re: Toner Vs Ink?
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 10:31:20 -0500
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In article<>,
 Peter Jason<> wrote:

> I usually have my photos printed at a kiosk, but for the A4 larger
> ones I use the office Fuji-Xerox laser color printer.
> Is laser-toner photos longer lasting than the Kiosk-printed variety?



I assume your Kiosk print is inkjet.  Some companies claim their inkjet 
prints will last 100 years, but I have had some others fade in a few 
months time.

If you are satisfied with the appearance of your laser prints, you still 
have to worry about them sticking to anything they touch.  Mounting in a 
frame, you need to use a separator to keep them from sticking to the 
glass.  They may fade over time, but I do not know how fast.

In either case, the different primary colors may fade at different 
rates, resulting in color shift over time.

You can only find out by waiting.  Do not erase your computer image!