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Subject: Re: Toner Vs Ink?
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Subject: Re: Toner Vs Ink?
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On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 10:31:20 -0500, Fred McKenzie<>

>In article<>,
> Peter Jason<> wrote:
>> I usually have my photos printed at a kiosk, but for the A4 larger
>> ones I use the office Fuji-Xerox laser color printer.
>> Is laser-toner photos longer lasting than the Kiosk-printed variety?
>I assume your Kiosk print is inkjet.  Some companies claim their inkjet 
>prints will last 100 years, but I have had some others fade in a few 
>months time.

Depends upon the printer and the ink they use. In my experience there
are large variations but durability seems to be improving.
>If you are satisfied with the appearance of your laser prints, you still 
>have to worry about them sticking to anything they touch.  Mounting in a 
>frame, you need to use a separator to keep them from sticking to the 
>glass.  They may fade over time, but I do not know how fast.
>In either case, the different primary colors may fade at different 
>rates, resulting in color shift over time.
>You can only find out by waiting.  Do not erase your computer image!


Eric Stevens