From: Paul <nospam@needed.invalid>
Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows withoutinstalling anything on either
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From: Paul <nospam@needed.invalid>
Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows without
installing anything on either
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 20:55:09 -0500
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ultred ragnusen wrote:
> Paul<nospam@needed.invalid> wrote:
>> We're always here to help you with your data corruption problems.
>> Just be patient when it happens, OK ?
> Now that the Win10 is set back up with MS Office 2007, I'm gonna tackle
> getting the DATA back off the old hard drive.
> Do you think Microsoft Support phone numbers will handle a call on Win 10
> corruption due to the Microsoft Update?

They might.

Are you willing to let them remote in ?

Some people value their privacy more than they value a "repair".

Can you explain, succinctly, to the person on the phone,
what you did to the disk right after the incident ?

In other words, things that might have complicated the situation.

You may have tried that DISM command to back out
a half-finished update. That might have been one of them.
Maybe it was "revert" something-or-other. The first command is
to back out a patch that didn't actually install. The second
one would be backing out a patch that did install.

    DISM /image:c:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions

    DISM /image:c:\ /remove-package /_packagename_

I think the image parameter implies the operation is an
offline one, and typically it might be /image:d:\ because
of the weird way drive letters are determine in WinPE
(what you're booted from, when trying to recover).

On a damaged disk, "CHKDSK" is a "repair-in-place" utility.
You *must* make a backup before using it, or possibly
forever lose access to the data. CHKDSK is *not* a utility
for casual usage. It's perfectly safe when the disk is
healthy... and quite deadly when the disk is sick. It's
a paradox to be resolved by creating a backup before you
use it. Even the twit on the phone should know that.

Before you allow a twit to work on that disk, you
back it up. In case my little description didn't paint
a vivid enough picture for you.

Even when you take a computer to the computer store or
to Geek Squad for repair, you back it up first!!!
No exceptions. You can use ddrescue for this, if you cannot
find anything else to use.