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Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windowswithout installing anything on either
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Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows
without installing anything on either
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On 2018-02-23 20:09, ultred ragnusen wrote:
> Paul<nospam@needed.invalid> wrote:
>> We're always here to help you with your data corruption problems.
>> Just be patient when it happens, OK ?
> Now that the Win10 is set back up with MS Office 2007, I'm gonna tackle
> getting the DATA back off the old hard drive.
> Do you think Microsoft Support phone numbers will handle a call on Win 10
> corruption due to the Microsoft Update?

I doubt it, but always worth a try.

For recovering data off a trashed HDD: Does Windows recognise it, ie, 
assign a drive letter? The even if Win can't read the data, you should 
be able to get it. I recommend Recuva, which I've used with great 
success. There are other data recovery programs, other people will no 
doubt give their recommendations.

There are also Linux-based tools, which can be run off a live CD, but as 
with Windows, Linux has to be able to recognise it (mount it).

If your system can't recognise the drive, you'll have to take it to a 
tech shop that specialises in data recovery.

Good luck.

Wolf K
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