From: Mike S <>
Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windowswithout installing anything on either
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From: Mike S <>
Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows
without installing anything on either
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2018 17:40:11 -0800
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On 2/24/2018 11:01 AM, ultred ragnusen wrote:
> Mike S<> wrote:
>> You can do a startup repair and then a complete 10 repair install with a
>> free w10 dvd (you d/l the iso for).
> This Windows 10 Pro update bricking happened just after the first reboot of
> the system after 3 consecutive sets of daily failed Windows 10 software
> updates on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of January.
>> w10 disk image
> The Microsoft Tier2 telephone technical support (+1-800-642-7676) tried all
> the Windows recovery options (save one) from the bricked boot disk, all of
> which failed.
> Microsoft telephone support also tried the same set of all but one recovery
> options using a DVD that he downloaded and burned for me when I gave him
> control over a good Windows 10 desktop.
>> If you can't boot from the hdd, boot from the dvd and run the startup
>> repair.
> That fails because Microsoft Windows 10 Pro update bricked the OS.
>> If that is successful and you can boot from the hdd you can
>> reinstall all of the w10 system files while retaining your programs,
>> settings, and data, if needed.
> I already bought a new HDD and installed Windows 10 Pro and even had
> Microsoft Software Specialists install for me Office 2007 Pro over the
> phone by taking over control of my system yesterday.
>   SOLVED: How to download an ISO image for Office 2007 Pro in the year 2018
>> w10 repair install procedure
> The data is the only thing I care about since programs and operating
> systems are all free (sort of) and readily available.
> For the data, I'm trying the various methods (Knoppix, Testdisk, Recuva,
> PhotoRec, DDRescue, etc.) all of which have much promise and where I saved
> a lot of the data last night using Knoppix (although I ran into an issue
> with "splicing" files that I need to resolve.
> In addition, for the bricked operating system, I have an appointment at the
> Microsoft Genius Bar over at the Westfield Mall in the middle of Silicon
> Valley on Stevenscreek Blvd in Santa Clara (+1-408-454-5940) who have hours
> from midnight to midnight so it's easy to make an appointment with them.
> The good news, on topic for, is that I have been
> transferring photos from the phone of the repair process over to the newly
> installed Windows 10 Pro PC without any issues, either via WiFi pver the
> LAN, Bluetooth over ad-hoc services, or over USB cable (it just works).
Apologies, I didn't read that you'd gone through all of that. Good luck.