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Subject: Re: A Few Shots From South Africa
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PeterN <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
> On 2/23/2018 1:07 PM, Savageduck wrote:
>> I had an opportunity to do some shooting today, so here are a few via my
>> iPad. Included are some panos. All adjustments were made with LR CC Mobile.
>> All shots have been resized to deal with local bandwidth conditions.
>> <>
>> <>
>> <>
>> <>
>> <>
>> <>
>> The Panos:
>> <>
>> <>
> Overall a nice set of images that will help you remember some of what 
> you saw on your trip.

That was all those were intended to be, perhaps with the exception of the
B&W shots such as the two above, and this.


> While I would have processed some of them differently, and I am not
> talking about some of the over the top processing I sometimes do, I will 
> refrain from comment, unless you specifically want a short statement on 
> each..

I am sure that you would have gone about things differently, and as you,
and I have come to anticipate folks’ commentary if we post anything in this
open forum, feel free to post any thoughts which come to mind. While there
is no need to make “a short statement on each” as they are pretty much what
they are, a hint at what you might have done with some would be
interesting. Just remember, I am still on the road, and I am working with
my iPad darkroom.

BTW: working with the iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and, Apple Pencil has been
so much better than only having the iPhone on this trip. I had considered a
new laptop, but in so many ways the iPad has proven to have been the better
choice for me. Strange to think that my old 17 inch MBP used to be on the
road with me with all that needed. Now I can just slip the iPad into my
camera bag, and it takes up little space without adding much weight. My
camera bag for this trip is a Think Tank “Retrospective 30” which hold both
cameras, five lenses, batteries, iPad, and some other stuff. For the
airlines it works as my personal item along with my carry-on. There is no
way my cameras are going into checked baggage.