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Subject: Re: Notebook with 4K screen (RGB, not RGBW)
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Subject: Re: Notebook with 4K screen (RGB, not RGBW)
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On Sunday, 25 February 2018 14:41:50 UTC-5, nospam  wrote:
> In article<>, Alfred
> Molon<> wrote:
> > Are there any (Windows) Notebook PCs with a 4K screen (RGB pixel matrix, 
> > not RGBW)?
> there are, but it's a waste since you won't see a difference over a
> standard retina display, which is already higher resolution than what
> the eye can resolve.
There's an 8K Dell out now, $3700.  It's 32."  Pointless.  It should be 60."  You STILL won't see
all the detail if you sit 5-6ft away.  Sitting closer would require a curved screen since it's
unlikely illumination of the panel would look even at say 3ft.  Believers will soon start to talk
about "texture" and other non-quantifiable "benefits" in order to justify the existence of such
screens since real benefits won't exist except at very large screen sizes. That doesn't even address
display and in the case of video, delivery problems. Min $1500 for a video card for this if there
even are any that can handle it.  Even now, people seem for the most-part oblivious to the obvious
motion problems with HD video broadcasts compared to their older analog counterparts. In some cases,
you can clearly see jerking, stair-stepping and other problems with them.  Going from 24fps to 60
won't help if heavy compression is needed for streaming or broadcast and some internet connections
struggle to go over plain old HD.