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Subject: Re: A Few Shots From South Africa
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-hh<> wrote:
> On Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 9:10:12 PM UTC-5, Savageduck wrote:
>> ...
>> BTW: working with the iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and, Apple Pencil has been
>> so much better than only having the iPhone on this trip. I had considered a
>> new laptop, but in so many ways the iPad has proven to have been the better
>> choice for me. Strange to think that my old 17 inch MBP used to be on the
>> road with me with all that needed. Now I can just slip the iPad into my
>> camera bag, and it takes up little space without adding much weight. My
>> camera bag for this trip is a Think Tank “Retrospective 30” which hold both
>> cameras, five lenses, batteries, iPad, and some other stuff. For the
>> airlines it works as my personal item along with my carry-on. There is no
>> way my cameras are going into checked baggage.
> Think Tank “Retrospective 30”, eh?
> Dang, looks like I might have YA new camera bag in my future!  ;-)

B&H had a sale on some Think Tank stuff back in October 2017, and I believe
Think Tank gave similar discounts.

The price was too good to resist, especially since I was planning to take
both my X-T2, and X-E3 with a bunch of lenses, and my Domke 803 was not
quite big enough to fit my intended load.

That said the Domke is still my favorite light kit daily carry bag.

I bought the leather trim version, the discount was $120 bringing the price
to the same level as the non-leather which wasn’t on sale. Think Tank seems
to be out of stock at the moment, but B&H still shows a full inventory.