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m-m<nospam-m@nym.ore> wrote:
> In article<>,
> RichA<> wrote:
>> On Friday, 23 February 2018 13:07:20 UTC-5, Savageduck  wrote:
>> I like the shots, the colour is well-saturated.  In my opinion, my favorite
>> is the boats and hillside shot because the hillside and boats kind of fuse to
>> make one geometric triangle that dominates the shot. 
> Yes but the boats all have a blue hue from the sea and sky reflections,
> if I'm referring to the same one as you:
> <>
> Surely this can be corrected post-processing

I have to agree, the boats do seem to be a bit too blue. As I have said
elsewhere in the thread, I am still on the road in South Africa, and I
pretty much posted quick edits using my iPad. That said, here is another
rendition with a selective temp adjustment to the boats.