Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windowswithout installing anything on either
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From: PeterN <"peter,newdelete">
Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows
without installing anything on either
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 10:41:16 -0500
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On 2/26/2018 10:46 PM, ultred ragnusen wrote:
> Mike S<> wrote:
>> Apologies, I didn't read that you'd gone through all of that. Good luck.
> No problem. I appreciate the help, and the tribal record will show others
> how to recover from a bricked MS Windows 10 Pro update.
> Basically, you must first try all the viable options in the Windows
> recovery console using the original HDD.
> Then you do all that again, using the absolute latest DVD ISO you can find,
> and, if you can find the same DVD ISO as the OS that was bricked, you do it
> a third time.
> That's all that the Microsoft Technical Support people will do, so then you
> bring it down to the local Microsoft Retail Store for them to try to fix.
> You leave it with them for a few days, where they will try to recover the
> OS but if they can't they'll be glad to recover your data (which I didn't
> have them do because I backed it up with Knoppix ahead of time).
> They will back up your data to their servers or to any drive you give them,
> if you want them to, but I can't imagine that they could /find/ your data,
> so I'm sure if you trust them, you'll lose a lot.
> Anyway, they will fail but when I asked them what they did, they told me
> they first ran diagnostics, then they tried the recovery console of the
> boot drive, then the recovery console of the latest Windows Creator
> edition, and then the recovery console of an older version of Windows 10
> and then they ran bcdedit to try to fix the boot record.
> It all failed but they said there's nothing wrong with the HDD or RAM or
> motherboard so I picked up my desktop today and am using it now after
> stopping off at Fryes to buy an SATA III cable and a molex-to-SATA adapter
> for the power.
> I had to simply move the SATA position 1 on the motherboard to the boot
> drive, leaving SATA 2 on the motherboard connected to the DVD disc drive,
> and then put the new SATAIII cable on SATA position 3 on the motherboard to
> mount the old HDD, and everything booted up fine.
> I can "see" the old HDD, plus some debugging files the Microsoft store
> geniuses left behind.
> Where the issue is really closed except for me to try to write up the saga
> so that the Windows tribal knowledge is updated with the lessons learned.
> Basically, some of the lessons learned is:
> 1. Windows 10 Update bricks a lot of systems (at least one a day is handled
> by the Microsoft retail store)
> 2. The solution first is to try every viable option in the recovery
> console, and then try it with a new Windows 10 ISO and then with an old
> Windows 10 ISO.
> 3. If that fails, then try to recover the boot records with bcdedit.
> When/if that fails, you simply start over after backing up your data, where
> you "should" be able to mount the HDD (I was able to) to save your data
> with testdisk or knoppix or ddrescue or PhotoRec or Recuva, etc.
> In my case, it mounted just fine - although Knoppix gave some weird errors
> but I'm not too worried because after buying SATA and power cables, I now
> have two terabyte HDDs in my laptop.

Your information is good. Years ago I learned the hard way to keep all 
my data on a portable HDD, and back up regularly.

To change the topic slightly: It seems to me that the quality of service 
at the Windows store is a few notches below what it was abut a year ago. 
Is it only my local stores, or have others noticed th4e same thing. I am 
talking about the the stores in Roosevelt Field, and Walt Whitman. Last 
week  I had an issue, with the machine running slow. The store wanted me 
to leave the machine so they could run tests. I took it to a local guy, 
the issue was a virus, that my AV didn't pick up. It now works fine.