Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windowswithout installing anything on either
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From: PeterN <"peter,newdelete">
Subject: Re: A simple way to transfer photos from your phone to Windows
without installing anything on either
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:16:20 -0500
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On 2/28/2018 1:00 PM, Ken Blake wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2018 10:41:16 -0500, PeterN
> <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
>> Your information is good. Years ago I learned the hard way to keep all
>> my data on a portable HDD, and back up regularly.
> Why do you want it on a portable HD? I don't agree with that. All it
> does is slow down access to it.

When I'm traveling with my laptop, my choices are portable HDD, or a 
bunch of easily lost memory cards. Yes, it is not ideal, but it works 
for me.

>> ...  and back up regularly.
> But I strongly agree with that.