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Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2018 12:26:13 -0500
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In article <1666bend2kjq7.14g2ae20vwt83$>, ultred
ragnusen<> wrote:

> >>>> Forget black helicopters, FBI flying surveillance Cessnas over US cities.
> >>> 
> >>> they can fly them all they want, but all they'll get is encrypted data,
> >>> which will take a few few billion years to brute force.
> >> 
> >> You wish.
> > 
> > no wishing needed. as usual, you have *zero* understanding about
> > encryption used on modern smartphones.
> Tell that to Zimmermann or Rommel or Stalin or Hirohito, all of whom
> believed essentially what you believe, which was fed to you by Brand X
> marketing.

they didn't have iphones.

> Your entire belief system is built upon a house of cards, fed to you by
> that admittedly fantastically competent Brand X marketing organization.

nope. it's based on a solid understanding of how modern devices
actually work, something you lack, despite it being explained to you.

> When you crack things, you don't often go brute force, which is one reason
> why, when I worked at Fort Mead, the walls not only had no windows, but
> they had full-length heavy curtains on those walls with no windows (as just
> one example that they attack the weakest link).

if you actually had worked there, you would have known how to spell it