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On 2018-03-01 10:47, Davoud wrote:

> That isn't true. It may be the case that technically secure
> communications devices are unavailable to the public. But I repeat that
> the security of your mobile phone is assured by the fact that no one is
> listening to you.

There is a big difference between intercepting communications to/from
your phone and hacking the phone to access your data or send your phone
usage "live" to NSA&friends.

NSA has widespread data collections that do collect anyone's
communications, they just can't "target" a USA citizen (aka: do a search
through the trove of data for a US citizens comms without FISA).

> to target your calls to grandma. It's ludicrous to think that they are
> monitoring you.

This isn't a case of the government monitoring ME. It is a case of them
collecting my communications in bulk, and when doing searches for
something unreleated, my stuff might come up.

If I make a joke about centrifuges in my basement to make a nuclear
device, and this is collected, then someone doing a search for
terrorists in USA planning to detonate nuke would pull up my joke. It is
then up to an analyst to determine this is of no value and dismiss it.