From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
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From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
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JF Mezei<> wrote:

> NSA has widespread data collections that do collect anyone's
> communications, they just can't "target" a USA citizen (aka: do a search
> through the trove of data for a US citizens comms without FISA).

Bear in mind the hair triggers that are used in various go'bment
organizations to /begin/ that targeting, from merely visiting the Tails
site to merely making a phone call overseas, to merely depositing or merely
withdrawing more than 10K in cash at your local bank.
> This isn't a case of the government monitoring ME. It is a case of them
> collecting my communications in bulk, and when doing searches for
> something unreleated, my stuff might come up.

Exactly. Those ubiquitous FBI Cessnas, for example, are collecting bulk
data, which shows that Lewis' IMEI, for example, was at his boyfriend
BKatOnRamp's house whose IMEI itself was at the AIDS clinic where they met
with Jolly Roger's IMEI for a tete e' tete.

> If I make a joke about centrifuges in my basement to make a nuclear
> device, and this is collected, then someone doing a search for
> terrorists in USA planning to detonate nuke would pull up my joke. It is
> then up to an analyst to determine this is of no value and dismiss it.

Yup. They have /direct/ taps into all the major Internet trunks, where they
vacuum up /everything/ they can, with their massive data servers. 

Then they sift, sift, sift....

Never forget something as simple as the Zimmermmann telegram, or the German
Enigma, or JN24, or Rommel's bigmouth in Cairo, etc., where you realize
even extremely well funded and tremendously well motivated organizations
are summarily penetrated (in the Cairo case, simply by opening up a safe in
his office when the American diplomat was sleeping at his hotel).