From: Char Jackson <none@none.invalid>
Subject: Re: How to add "Start > Run > snip" to bring up the screenshot SnippingTool in Windows 7,8, and 10
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From: Char Jackson <none@none.invalid>
Subject: Re: How to add "Start > Run > snip" to bring up the screenshot SnippingTool in Windows 7,8, and 10
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On Wed, 28 Feb 2018 21:17:49 -0800, ultred ragnusen<> wrote:

>Char Jackson<none@none.invalid> wrote:
>> I'd hazard to guess that most Windows users will choose to use the
>> built-in functionality, what you call the search box, since it's already
>> there and it works well for this task and related tasks. AFAICT, nothing
>> is gained by trying to use the Run box. It's all cons and no pros.
>Your concerns are fair because you're not thinking about the problem set
>the way I am thinking about it.
>I'm thinking globally. You're thinking about the specific actions by
>Microsoft after four very specific characters are typed in the order given,
>of first "S" then "N" and then "I" and then "P", where Microsoft has seen
>to it (via magic in essence) that this brings up the tool /they/ want it to
>bring up.
>However ... I'm thinking of the problem set more globally than are you.
>What happens if you type the reverse of SNIP, which is pins.

The result is logical and completely expected: With "snip" so badly
misspelled, Snipping Tool is not in the list of results. Were you
expecting something different, or do you agree that this is logical and
completely expected? If it happened to me, I'd simply correct the
spelling and move on.

>Don't try it!
>Just tell me /exactly/ what happens when you type P then I then N then S.
>What's that?
>You don't know?
>What if you typed PINS in the "Start > Run" box?
>Do you know what will happen?

If I was looking for Snipping Tool, "pins" isn't going to help me via
the Run box either, so the result is essentially the same. Either way, I
wouldn't have launched the Snipping Tool.

In a more global sense, it's exactly the same for most things, I'd
assume. Sometimes a badly misspelled string will find something
interesting, but just correct the spelling and move on, right?

>I do.
>In fact, I know /exactly/ what will happen, and better yet, I know exactly
>what to do if I want to create a command called "pins" where I want
>something to happen when I type it into the "Start > Run" box.

We aren't talking about creating new commands. We're not, right? We're
talking about quickly launching a known command or application. We don't
need to jump through hoops for that.

>We are looking at the problem set from completely different philosophical
>viewpoints, one of which is, essentially random, and the other is orderly.

I wouldn't have used those two words. The labels that we give things,
such as random in this case, can blind a person unnecessarily to the
possibilities. For me, there's nothing random about it.