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Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In
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On 3/1/2018 12:11 PM, nospam wrote:
> In article <q02i4iqeqelw$>, ultred
> ragnusen<> wrote:
>>>> However, you'll note that I simply stated that no consumer mobile device is
>>>> secure, simply because they all have the same weak links.
>>> that is false.
>> You don't even /know/ what those weak links are.
> not only do i know what they are, but i know what's needed to crack
> iphone encryption. you do not.
> all you do is spew nonsense about planes flying overhead (which doesn't
> actually happen) that scan for imeis, which won't do a damned thing to
> crack the encryption on the phone itself.
> for that, you need the passcode, which if it's complex, will take a few
> billion years to crack, and the imei won't help you at all,

If you statement is true, the iPhone has been in existence for several 
billion + 2 years.