From: Ken Hart <>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model InExistence
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Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In
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On 03/02/2018 01:14 PM, nospam wrote:
> In article<>, PeterN
> <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
>>>>>>>> changing IMEI
>>>>>>>> numbers,
>>>>>>> that's illegal.
>>>>>> Nospam's utter lack of credibility is astounding.
>>>>>> What you seem to forget so easily is that we've had this discussion in
>>>>>> spades in the past, where, on Android at least, it's trivial to
>>>>>> automatically change your reported IMEI number on the fly,
>>>>> trivial or not (and it's not), it's still illegal. it's fraud. end of
>>>>> story.
>>>> Murder is also illegal. According to your statements, there are no
>>>> murders, or robberies, because they are illegal.
>>> i never said any such thing.
>> Of course not. Sorry, I forgot. I am not permitted to show you wrong by
>> drawing a logical parallel.
> it's not a logical parallel.
> a logical parallel would be changing the serial number of a gun:
> <>
>    It shall be unlawful for any personā€¹
> ...
>    (g) to obliterate, remove, change, or alter the serial number or
>    other identification of a firearm required by this chapter; or
>    (h) to receive or possess a firearm having the serial number or other
>    identification required by this chapter obliterated, removed,
>    changed, or altered; or
>    (i) to receive or possess a firearm which is not identified by a
>    serial number as required by this chapter; or
> another logical parallel would be changing the vin on a car:
> <
> removing-motor-vehicle-identification-numbers>
>    Section 511(a) of Title 18 makes it a felony knowingly to remove,
>    obliterate, tamper with, or alter an identification number for a road
>    motor vehicle or a road motor vehicle part. Section 511(b) of Title
>    18 creates exceptions for certain persons who engage in lawful
>    conduct that may result in removal or alteration of an identification
>    number. The legislative history is abundantly clear that subsection
>    (b) is not intended to create a loophole for the operators of "chop
>    shops." See H.R.Rep. No. 1087 on H.R. 6257, 98th Congress, 2d Sess.
>    23-25 (1984).
> yet another logical parallel would be to swap license plates. see how
> well that works out for you when a cop runs the plates and sees it
> doesn't match the vehicle.

Committing an illegal act is one thing, enforcement is another.

I have a pistol laying on the shelf right now. I could take it into my 
garage and remove the serial number. So long as I don't get caught with 
that un-numbered firearm, nothing will happen to me.
(For the record, my pistol has it's serial number intact, and I have a 
concealed carry permit for it.)

A couple months ago, I was stopped for speeding, eight miles over the 
posted speed limit, an illegal action. (A fairly deserted straight 
stretch of county road.) The officer took my paperwork, ran my plates 
and license, came back to my truck, and told me to watch my speed in the 
future. He choose not to enforce.

In the real world, where the rest of us live, illegal things happen all 
the time, and sometimes without consequence.

Ken Hart