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Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
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In article <p7c7bd$9k0$>, Ken Hart<> wrote:

> Committing an illegal act is one thing, enforcement is another.

obviously, but lax enforcement doesn't change an illegal act into a
legal one.

> I have a pistol laying on the shelf right now. I could take it into my 
> garage and remove the serial number. So long as I don't get caught with 
> that un-numbered firearm, nothing will happen to me.
> (For the record, my pistol has it's serial number intact, and I have a 
> concealed carry permit for it.)
> A couple months ago, I was stopped for speeding, eight miles over the 
> posted speed limit, an illegal action. (A fairly deserted straight 
> stretch of county road.) The officer took my paperwork, ran my plates 
> and license, came back to my truck, and told me to watch my speed in the 
> future. He choose not to enforce.

he *did* enforce the law, which is why you were detained. 

police have the discretion to issue a verbal warning, a written
warning, a written citation or even arrest you if it's considered

regardless of what they decide, the contact is on your record (at least
as far as the police goes), and should you be pulled over again, that
officer will see the previous warning (and any other contacts) and may
decide another warning is not sufficient.

> In the real world, where the rest of us live, illegal things happen all 
> the time, and sometimes without consequence.

nobody said otherwise. however, that doesn't make it legal.

look no further than the clowns in washington d.c. for examples. there
are also those who literally get away with murder, some even profiting
from it.