From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
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From: ultred ragnusen <>
Subject: Re: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 12:00:28 -0800
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Eric Stevens<> wrote:

>>Neither did the Germans (enigma), nor the Japanese (jn24), nor the Russians
>>(diplomatic cipher), British (Zimmermann), nor the Americans (Ames) then...
> "The Hut Six Story"
> or is an interesting introduction the
> extraction of information from messages when not actually being able
> to decipher them.

Agreed, with another example of "AF" being "Midway" and the ruse of the
water plant being out of service is another example of how very definite
information can be gleaned with snippets of metadata such that no consumer
grade mobile device is /safe/ despite that there is one brand X marketing
organization that spends millions each year to convince it's gullible users
that they're safe (from one, and only one, type of attack - which is a
frontal brute force attack on their stored data - which is only one of a
thousand links in the chain).