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Subject: Re: Amazon is selling the 8-core iMac Pro for $500 off
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Subject: Re: Amazon is selling the 8-core iMac Pro for $500 off
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On 2018-02-27 19:31, Your Name wrote:
> On 2018-02-27 21:24:06 +0000, David_B said:
>> FYI ...
>> Amazon is selling the 8-core iMac Pro for $500 off
>> The 27-inch iMac Pro is currently Apple's best desktop Mac, and this 
>> deal saves you some cash on all that power.
> The problem with these deals (there was another one elsewhere with upto 
> $1000 off iMac Pro) is that they usually only apply to off-the-shelf 
> models. You can't get a custom-build Mac at a cheaper pricing, which 
> given the impossibility of later upgrading almost all the current Mac 
> models, means it's a pain in the backside and somewhat pointless.   :-(
> It's the same problem with the "10% off Mac" sales we sometimes get at 
> various resellers here in New Zealand.

As long as the graphics card is top end, then you're best off with the 
least loaded iMac.  Add your own memory - cheaper than Apple and very 
easy to do.

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  the greater the prudence with which we must conduct our own.”
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