From: Alan Browne <>
Subject: Re: Amazon is selling the 8-core iMac Pro for $500 off
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Subject: Re: Amazon is selling the 8-core iMac Pro for $500 off
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On 2018-03-03 15:49, JF Mezei wrote:
> On 2018-03-03 10:12, Alan Browne wrote:
>> As long as the graphics card is top end, then you're best off with the
>> least loaded iMac.  Add your own memory - cheaper than Apple and very
>> easy to do.
> I have lost track. Do current iMacs still allow one to get in and change
> RAM? Disk ?

RAM easily on the 27" models. (iMac, not iMac Pro).

Disk needs a very invasive approach requiring that you buy a seal set 
(from, eg, iFixIt) before doing.  1 hour in and out, I'd guess.  Skill 
set, medium.  On older iMacs (2007) about 30 minutes, pretty easy - just 

iMac Pro needs a "teardown" to get at the memory and SSD (Which appears 
to be in a RAID configuration).  The iMac Pro base model is 32 GB which 
is pretty good.

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