From: newshound <>
Subject: Re: How to add "Start > Run > snip" to bring up the screenshotSnippingTool in Windows 7,8, and 10
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Subject: Re: How to add "Start > Run > snip" to bring up the screenshot
SnippingTool in Windows 7,8, and 10
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From: newshound <>
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On 28/02/2018 21:44, ultred ragnusen wrote:
> newshound<> wrote:
>> FWIW, I just keep the snipping tool pinned to the taskbar together with
>> the other stuff that I use all the time (Word, Excel, Paint, Chrome,
>> Thunderbird, Spotify, etc).
> That's a good observation that /any/ tool you use often can be kept handy,
> but having /all/ the tools you use handy is where clutter raises its ugly
> head.
> Being able to edit the HOSTS file, for example, just by typing "hosts" in
> the "Start > Run" box, is handy, and negates the need to put a HOSTS.lnk
> shortcut to clutter your taskbar.
> Personally, I screenshot all the time with the Win+PrtScrn or
> PrtScrn-and-paste method, where I rarely use SnippingTool.exe, so I
> wouldn't want the Snipping Tool to clutter my menus.
> The advantage of the "Start > Run" method is it avoids clutter.
> When I want it, I can just type snip!
Each to their own. I *never* take a full screenshot, but I do a lot of