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On 07/03/2018 11:45, David_B wrote:
> On 06/03/2018 21:05, Richard L. Hamilton wrote:
>> In article<>,
>>     ultred ragnusen<> writes:
>>> Barry Margolin<> wrote:
>>>>>> Yet another good reason to use a dumb flip phone.
>>>>> definitely not. those are *far* easier to crack. they aren't even
>>>>> encrypted.
>>>> But you probably don't have much incriminating data on it in the first
>>>> place.
>>> I agree with the sentiment to not /put/ incriminating data on a phone,
>>> where a dumb phone will naturally contain far less automatically 
>>> generating
>>> data in the first place.
>>> But I bring up the sentiment that anyone who thinks /any/ phone is 
>>> /safe/
>>> is a fool, because, for a criminal anyway, the biggest incrimination is
>>> simply the ping to the cellular tower that makes a cell phone work as a
>>> cell phone.
>>> Those who /feel/ safer with brand X phones versus brand Y phones because
>>> the marketing of brand X is better than brand Y, I posit, are fools,
>>> because the weakest set of links of all cell phones are the same.
>> The weakest part of any device is the wetware - the person operating it.
> True!
> Listen here:
> Enjoy!  :-)

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