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Subject: OT: Pretty busy... ...for a coffee boy.
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From: Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>
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Subject: OT: Pretty busy... ...for a coffee boy.
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'George Papadopoulos meeting with UK during Trump campaign revealed

'Dismissed by the White House as a "low-level volunteer", more about the 
true status of adviser George Papadopoulos seems to emerge by the day.

The Trump campaign foreign policy aide's contacts with Russians have 
already got him in trouble. He has admitted lying to the FBI about them.
But it is now revealed he also met a British Foreign Office official, 
two months before the US presidential election, for a "working level" 

"As you would expect in the run up to an election we seek to build links 
with figures in both the Democratic and Republican presidential 
campaigns," a Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokeswoman told the BBC, 
confirming the meeting. "This type of outreach is normal diplomatic 


'While such meetings may be routine diplomacy, the fact that 
Papadopoulos was presenting himself to the government of one of the US's 
closest allies as a representative of the Trump campaign undercuts the 
White House's recent assertion that Papadopoulos was a campaign 
volunteer of little importance.'