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On Wed, 8 Nov 2017 17:21:47 -0800 (PST), Dene<> wrote: 

>This is a good list of the accomplishments of President Trump within one year. 

Accomplishments?  Not many there, mostly talk. 

Action.  Wake up.

>If you can't face it, then take a peak at your stock portfolio...  :) 

Which is not his doing and if you don't know that ....but you really 

Really. You honestly don’t think that Trump has perpetuated a favorable business climate and
render consumer confidence?  You would be the first to blame him if the stock market fell.

>BTW...none the governorship elections the Dems won were Red states, so I wouldn't get too
comfortable.  Note the Dem party is still in disarray. 

As your hero says so often....we'll see 

Yes we will. 
By the way, how many house elections were one by the Dems. Leftit’s are making something out of

>Finally...did you hear the news that the Right within those states are mobilizing?  Expect murder,
rioting, kneeling, penis-hats, and screamfests! 


You should sleep longer.