From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Happy Anniversary
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From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Happy Anniversary
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 21:00:15 -0800
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On 2017-11-08 8:38 PM, Dene wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Nov 2017 17:21:47 -0800 (PST), Dene<>
> wrote:
>> This is a good list of the accomplishments of President Trump
>> within one year.
> Accomplishments?  Not many there, mostly talk.
> Action.  Wake up.

Nope. Mostly talk was right.

>> If you can't face it, then take a peak at your stock portfolio...
>> :)
> Which is not his doing and if you don't know that ....but you really 
> do.
> Really. You honestly don’t think that Trump has perpetuated a
> favorable business climate and render consumer confidence?  You would
> be the first to blame him if the stock market fell.

You're the first to ignore that the stock market's been going up for a
good long time now.

>> BTW...none the governorship elections the Dems won were Red states,
>> so I wouldn't get too comfortable.  Note the Dem party is still in
>> disarray.
> As your hero says so often....we'll see
> Yes we will. By the way, how many house elections were one by the
> Dems. Leftit’s are making something out of nothing.

"one by the Dems", Greg?

And why are you narrowing the field to "house elections"?

Could it be because there were only a handful, and they were in
districts that were extremely unlikely to change?

Or could it be that most of the house elections to which you're 
referring have actually have all already happened quite a while earlier 
when Trump's obvious unsuitability and Republican intransigence to 
actually DOING anything about it weren't quite so obvious with the 
except of ONE (1) recent election in a district that was never going to 
switch (but where nevertheless, the Republican plurality diminished)...

....could that be it?