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Subject: Re: OT: Trump doesn't know what the "rule of law" means...
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Subject: Re: OT: Trump doesnt know what the "rule of law" means...
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Alan Baker wrote:

> ...and doesn't care:
> 'What would it look like if the President of the United States
> punished American businesses he didn’t like, or news organizations
> that reported things he didn’t like?
> It would look like this: Trump’s Department of Justice is threatening
> to scuttle AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner unless the merged companies
> dump CNN and Turner, the cable unit that houses CNN, according to a
> source familiar with the DOJ’s review.
> The Financial Times first reported the news today, as did the New
> York Times.
> We got a hint of this this morning, when AT&T’s CFO said he wasn’t
> sure when the deal would close — though he still thought it would
> close.'
> 'But don’t ask us. Ask antitrust expert Makan Delrahim, who announced
> last year that the proposed deal shouldn’t be a problem.
> Except now Delrahim has apparently changed his mind. Or, more
> precisely, Delrahim now works for Donald Trump as the head of
> antitrust at the DOJ.
> Since then, Delrahim has been signaling that he may have problems
> with AT&T/Time Warner after all.
> Sober industry observers — including ones that had problems with the
> deal — figured that Delrahim wanted to slow down approval of the
> deal, perhaps because he didn’t want to rubber stamp it.
> And if he did have problems with it, a logical place to look would be
> AT&T’s ownership of HBO, which rival pay TV networks had argued would
> give HBO unfair footing.
> Nope. Per the FT, “It’s all about CNN,” which makes sense if you are
> a leader of a banana republic who believes that news outlets that
> report stories critical of your leadership are “fake news.”'

Look like corruption to anyone who dares look.

He is corrupting the government and the Trumpets don't care... yet.

Trump ***Irresponsible, unprofessional and sending the wrong message.***