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Subject: Re: Happy Anniversary
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On 11/09/2017 10:08 PM, -hh wrote:
> Greg wrote:
>> And the climb CONTINUES because Trump perpetuates a favorable business climate,
>> including a drive to lower corporate taxes.  Can't you give him any credit?
> Where the definition of "favorable business climate" is a bribe in the form of a tax cut - which
> is why the Market retreated today because they're afraid that they're not going to get it.

Well, one can hardly blame the market for thinking Trump is going to fail at delivering the
long-promised tax legislation just as he did with healthcare reform. 

In totally unrelated news, I read somewhere that after the Allies cracked the Enigma code they had
good intelligence about Hitler's whereabouts and they could have had him assassinated if they
wanted, but they concluded that Germany would lose faster if they left him in charge...